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[Vehicles in the game] USA

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Overall, tanks from the United States of America have good maneuverability, soft stats, firepower, accuracy, and the best rate of fire. Often they have the highest damage per minute and they are exceptionally versatile. Their downside is the lack of sufficient side and rear hull armor and they are prone to crew loss.
American light tanks pack a bit more of a punch than their counterparts, but they do lack a bit in speed.
American medium tanks are perfect for variable strategies as they are able to both move quickly and deliver the firepower when needed. Their decent accuracy on the move and gun depression make them rather comfortable to play. They excel in dog-fighting.In addition, although not as strong as American heavy tanks, American mediums generally still possess sturdy turret armor.Plus, American mediums boast above average view range, with tanks such as the M26 Pershing having the best view range of their tiers.
American heavy tanks have rather strong frontal hulls, but very weak side and rear armor, with nearly-impenetrable front turret armor. They have excellent gun depression and are ideal for hull-down tactics.
American tank destroyers have varied playing styles. The line starts out with a typical tank destroyer playing style with a great choice of guns, then leads to two tank destroyer lines; one with turrets and one mostly without turrets. Higher tier tank destroyers on the non-turreted line tend to be very well armed and armored, but they are extremely slow, so tread carefully. On the other hand, higher tier turreted tank destroyers tend to be very well armed but poorly armored, with the exception of the T28 Prototype and T110E4. They are much more mobile compared to the non-turreted line. For these tank destroyers, acting as support is advised.
American self propelled guns have good speed, but low acceleration. Their accuracy and firepower land somewhere between the Soviet and German artillery. They have some of the largest horizontal gun arcs, most noticeable in the M37, which allows them to cover large parts of the battlefield without moving the hull. This advantage is usually balanced off with a relative long aim time. They are generally considered to be excellent vehicles. At T9-10, the American artillery comes into their own, boasting extremely powerful 203 and 240mm guns with very large splash radius. However, their reload time approaches 30-45 seconds, their dispersion during traversing is very bad, their aim time is very long, and their accuracy can be as bad as .92. They traverse their hulls quite quickly and have decent acceleration and top speed for something with such a massive gun.

Light Tanks
Tier 01 T1 Cunningham

Tier 02 M2 Light Tank

Tier 02 T2 Light Tank

Tier 02 T1E6

Tier 03 M3 Stuart

Tier 03 M22 Locust

Tier 03 MTLS-1G14

Tier 04 M5 Stuart

Tier 05 M24 Chaffee

Tier 06 T21

Tier 07 T71

Mediun Tanks
Tier 02 T2 Medium Tank

Tier 03 M2 Medium Tank

Tier 04 M3 Lee

Tier 05 M4 Sherman

Tier 05 M7

Tier 05 Ram II

Tier 05 M4A2E4 Sherman

Tier 06 M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo

Tier 06 M4A3E8 Sherman

Tier 07 T20

Tier 08 M26 Pershing

Tier 08 T26E4 Super Pershing

Tier 08 T23

Tier 08 T69

Tier 09 M46 Patton

Tier 09 T54E1

Tier 10 M48A1 Patton

Tier 10 M60

Heavy Tanks
Tier 05 T1 Heavy Tank

Tier 05 T14

Tier 06 M6

Tier 07 T29

Tier 08 T32

Tier 08 T34

Tier 08 M6A2E1

Tier 09 iM103

Tier 10 T110E5

Tier 10 T57 Heavy Tank

Tank Destroyers
Tier 02 T18

Tier 03 T82

Tier 04 T40

Tier 04 M8A1

Tier 05 M10 Wolverine

Tier 05 T49

Tier 06 M36 Jackson

Tier 06 M18 Hellcat

Tier 07 T25 AT

Tier 07 T25/2

Tier 08 T28

Tier 08 T28 Prototype

Tier 09 T95

Tier 09 T30

Tier 10 T110E3

Tier 10 T110E4

Self-Propelled Guns
Tier 02 T57

Tier 03 M7 Priest

Tier 04 iM37

Tier 05 M41

Tier 06 M44

Tier 07 M12

Tier 08 M40/M43

Tier 09 M53/55

Tier 10 T92
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[Vehicles in the game] USA

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