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How to fill your pockets with yangs

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MesajSubiect: How to fill your pockets with yangs Sam Aug 17, 2013 6:57 am

How to fill your pockets with yangs

Im not a very popular player, maybe its the first time you hear about me, but if you ask in chunjo you will get an image of my quality!

With this guide I hope I will help (if not everybody)some people to get a general knowledge about making money in metin and some extended knowledge on how to do it. In some parts I will refer to other guides already posted and sticky-ed for making these guide shorter, more accurate and complex the same time.

If you are not in the mood to read this please go back in your browser as I really dont want replies like "I already knew that stuff". Always keep in mind that someone may not and thats the purpose that guides are made for - to help those who dont know.

So, lets dont get too excessive and start the guide!

Part 1:

Choose your path of making money:

All of you know that being able to have lots and lots of yangs, has greats benefits to your character as you can buy gear for him to get better, items for quests and upgrades, and pots for survival. The more the yangs, the better your character will be(if it has correct stat points, but thats another story).

There are many ways of bringing amounts of yangs but will only explain in depth one way and link the other ways to some other guides that already exist in our forum.

Way No1:
Metin Hunting:

Metin stones (which are the main point of this game) can drop some very useful loot like skill books, spirit stones, soul stones, weapons, armors, yangs and pots. They can bring you a great income if you spend enough time on them(it needs the more time of all ways but gives the best money) so you may find expensive skill books and stones+4.
I strongly recommend the hunter to be a body warrior that hunts in map2. I heard that lvl 35 metins can drop soulstones as well but these are just rumors. You can see how to build your warrior and get some info on where and how to hunt the stones, use the great guide of sparba "How to make a noob".

Way 2:

Fishing your way to the top:

Fishing is another great way of getting money. Firstly, your requirements are to be more than 30 lvls so you can use a fishing pole. In contrast with metin hunting, fishing is way cheaper but if you put some more time in it you can get same very good results. I reccomend to use worms and fishing marble everytime you fish for more fish as they increase the catching rate. If you can afford it you can get a fishing book from the item shop for even more fish.
To get started you must first make a very importand decision. Are you going to sell fish, clams or pearls?
Getting and selling fish can bring lower amounts of yangs but steady and faster.
Clams are the best way for me as they occur from every fish and they cost like 30 fish.
If you think you are lucky enough, go for pearls that are pretty expensive but hard to sell and find.
Tips: When the fishing marble says about the type of fish you are going to catch, count to (faster than seconds pass)three and pull out the fish.

Your fishing pole will gain points through fishing and can be upgraded at the fisherman. Better + more fish and better fish. Be careful as it can fail the upgrade and go down one lvl.
You can get more info for every fish at minni's "Guide to fishes".

Way 3:

My favourite one, mining like a maniac! The requirements for this is to be lvl 30 or above and is very beneficial to have a horse, however it is optional. The decision you have to make before get started with this, is are you going to sell ores or refined stuff?
Ores are sold faster and steadier because of some missions materials. Also you avoid the risk of losing it during refinement.
Refineds are great income but they can bring you a lot of money after they are sold which can really take long time. Also, you take a risk to refine the ores and you spend some money on the stones+0-+2 needed.
The best ores to aim for are those of the guild alchemists, such as silver, ebony, amethyst, pearl, heavens tear, white gold, diamonds and gold.

It is highly desirable to have a high+ pickaxe(or make it yourself), high mining skill and a horse. The best locations to search for veins of ore are mountain and temple at the first room. There are times which i call "happy mining hour" which the first room fills with veins of good ores like the ones a said before. There can be 3 or more veins that makes difficult to choose!
So i recommend having a player with a pickaxe and high mining skill (Could be just a lvl 30 player or your main) camping at the first room. Surf through the channels and you can hardly find a channel which has no veins.

Dont waste your time and money on ores like jade, copper, fossil trunk as there selling price is not worth it and they arent sold even in 1k years, unless you just want points for your best friend, the pickaxe!

Way 4:

Be a succesful salesman. Be a merchand!
This way brings more money than anyone else if you know how to act.
The only requirements are at least 1kk of yangs
First thing you must know about the market is that everything can be sold if there is need in the market! Example, you are the only shop left with clams in the empire at a higher price. Because no other sells the customers are forced to pay more as the product gets less and less.
Keep that always in mind.
Second thing about this way is: Never be an overpricer if you want to be succesful!
Firstly, you try selling some things to see if they are getting sold fast.
Then you search all the empires on map1 and map2 on all the chanels (at least 2 empires) and buy everything you see at lower than normal price. When you collect enough things go sell them at the normal price(remember not overpriced).
The only thing you have to do then is wait for everything to be sold or most of the items.
Things to remember when buying cheaper things:
1) make sure you wont waste more than a day to sell it
2) buy it whatever the difference is. Even when the income will be 20k, buy them. Even the smallest amount is important at this way of making money because if thing about it 20k is the amount you gain at half an hour of lvling and grinding by collecting yangs and wasting pots and you can make it just by selling an item!
This ways can also be compined. The best combination is metin hunting and mining the veins you find during the search for a metin. When you are out of pots go to map1,do some merchandising and sell them along with the items you got with the hunting and the ores or refined ores you got.

Part 2:
Here comes the easiest part! Just choose your way, fulfill the requirements and get started!

Thats all folks! I hope you liked it and remember that this is my first guide and show some respect and understanding cause this guide is my personal work and inspiration. I give the right to rape it on other forums!
Ratings and comments are welcome!
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How to fill your pockets with yangs

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